Masterclasses, Baroque violin and cello, San Francisco Conservatory, February 2018.

Director and conductor, student orchestra, Alban City School, St Albans, Herts, ongoing from September 2017.

Orchestral leader and baroque chamber music coach, Junior Academy, Royal Academy of Music, ongoing from September 2015.

Lecturer and masterclasses taught at Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, September 2015 and October 2011.

Teacher at City Lit, Covent Garden, Baroque Music on Modern Instruments, upcoming winter course Jan-Feb 2017, summer courses 2014 and 2015.

Peripatetic violin teacher for MiSST (Music in Secondary Schools Trust); duties include whole class teaching (violin, viola, cello, and flute), small group teaching, class planning and assessments, orchestral directing and coaching, and private lessons.

Private violin teacher from 1996-present, individual and group lessons.

Peripatetic violin teacher with Barnet Music Service (now BEAT) from 2008-2015.

Group music classes (fundamentals of musicianship) for reception/Year 1 from 2009-2014.

Masterclasses at University of Kansas, United States, October 2005.

Masterclasses taught through Collegium Musicum Rigiensis, Riga, Latvia, July 1996.

I believe that violin lessons are about much more than learning to play the violin. Studying an instrument means learning valuable life skills, including time management, problem solving, and discipline. It is about gaining a lifelong appreciation for Classical music and deep musical understanding.
"I attended a masterclass given by Debbie Diamond at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick. It was an informative experience and a most enjoyable one.
We learned much about style, bowing, phrasing, harmonic awareness, freedom of expression and ornamentation. Debbie's knowledge of the Baroque period left her well equipped for the question sessions she invited. One highlight of the weekend was a performance she gave with Ferenc Szucs, Baroque cello, Yonit Kosoveske, harpsichord,  and Ana Yepes a Baroque Dance specialist. It was truly inspirational."
Áine O'Halloran
Baroque and modern violin and viola
"Tailor made, in-depth lessons, with a caring and personal touch."
One happy mother of pupil age 9 

"Debbie is a teacher who inspires through her professionalism, creativity, care and attention to detail, and a specific bespoke approach to each child.  Her commitment to my daughter has been overwhelming both during and after lesson time, offering  other musical development and providing individualised lesson guidance notes.  Debbie's passion for violin is quite simply transferred to the student."

Parent of student age 12
"I was going to email you...to say how great they were in the performance platform yesterday. All the items that afternoon were chamber groups and your group stood out for their energy, clear enjoyment, style and the fact that they were by far the most in time and in tune! The audience really really enjoyed it. "
Parent of chamber group student coached by Debbie Diamond
at Junior Academy, Royal Academy of Music

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